Water Security


The Water Team’s aim is to better understand Quadra’s overall water situation and to ensure the island has adequate resources to carry its human community in concert with Quadra’s flora and fauna through a prolonged summer drought. Our island is drying out and we are experiencing more extreme weather events. Our fire risk is increasing and storing water is a priority.
We researched the availability and cost of water collection and storage units, and purchased sixteen 250-gallon tanks with added hose attachment capability. They are available to community members for $200 each. At our request, our local bookstore, Book Bonanza, is now carrying Essentials of Water Collection by Rob Avis. It will be a good resource for islanders and we hope to purchase a copy for the library.
Another project, “Think like Water,” involves collecting local stories about water. Have you noticed wells drying up, rain not coming when it used to,
changes in natural water systems such as wetlands, peat bogs, lakes, streams, watersheds? Sharing our immediate knowledge of water will be crucial to making sure life on Quadra continues to thrive.
Educational water walks are planned to enhance community awareness of
this most vital element. In the long term, our goal is to survey all sources of water on the entire island, including watersheds, the extent of the deep and shallow aquifers, and rainfall. We need to know more than we presently do about our vital water resource in order to plan wisely in these changing times. We will be applying to the federal and provincial governments for funding for these surveys as well as for specific projects dealing with water management.
Have an idea for us or a story about water on Quadra? Want to help out with
one of the projects underway? We would greatly welcome your involvement!
Please email Jude McCormick here, and she will be in touch.