About Us

Our History

The first Quadra Island Climate Action Network was formed in 2008 when a small group of Quadra Islanders got together to ask what could be done locally about fossil fuel use. That version of ICAN became active in a number of local projects, including the founding of Quadra’s community garden, the banning of plastic bags at retailers (with Sierra Quadra), and an anti-idling campaign. It disbanded a couple of years after it was formed, however.

In January 2020, two relative newcomers to Quadra went looking for the group that had been active in projects addressing climate change. They found three of the original members of ICAN that were eager to restart and so began ICAN2. At a public meeting of approximately 30 people in March 2020, ICAN 2 launched eight action teams. The group quickly found the “2” cumbersome and was dropped.  On May 25, 2020, the Quadra Island Climate Action Network Society became a registered society. On January 20, 2022, the group, now known as ICAN, became a registered charity with the number – 73315 9479 RR0001.

Our Aim

Our aim is to assist Quadra in becoming more resilient and self-sufficient in the face of ecological challenges.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to organize and foster direct action on clearly defined practical projects.

Our Action Teams & Projects

We have initiated over 40 projects and the list is growing!  Each project is lead by one of our nine Action Teams.

Food Security – Garden Club and ICAN Food Security Team
• LEARN Food Security Workshops that have been presented: bokashi, canning, composting, container gardening, elderberry cordial, gluten-free baking gluten-free bread, kombucha, micro-greens, growing mushrooms, soil sprouts, sourdough bread, sourdough starter, sourdough other than bread, sprouting, starting plants from seeds, water kefir, wicking buckets.
• Garden Share Project
• Growing and Eating Local Food Survey
• Quadra Island Food Guide
• Composting with FireSmart wood chips
• Quadra Island Food Share Facebook page
• Wicking Bed demo and installation at seniors’ residence
• Food Recovery Project
• Nut Tree Project
• Grow Together – Cooperative Garden at the South End
• Fundraising raffle
• Food Preservation Equipment Lending Library (Part of the Quadra Island Library of Things aka QuILT)
• Food Security for animals
• Gleaning

Water Security Team
• Geo-hydrological survey of island
• Wetlands mapping project

Practical Water Solutions Team
• Wetlands Restoration Project at Quadra Elementary School
• Distribution of 1,000-litre water storage tanks at cost
• Information on Rainwater Harvesting


Energy Self-Sufficiency Team
• Solar array demonstration project at Quadra Elementary School
• Hot Water from the Sun — article in DI & info booth at market
• Articles in DI on Heating with Wood Stoves
• Articles in DI on Solar Panels and Home Energy Audits
• Distribution of photovoltaic panels at cost (not yet implemented)
• Articles on Heat Pumps (not yet implemented)
• Canoe Pass Tidal Energy proposal (declined)

Live Lightly
• Glass Jar Days
• Quadra Summer Market ICAN Information Booth – Demos
• Recycling razor blades, disposable razors, & oral care products
• Recycling used pens
• Recycling socks
• RecycleBC Liaison – for planned Recycling Depot
• ICAN Use That Free/ReStore project proposal
• Education articles in DI on Reusing, Reducing and Repurposing
• Workshops – Make your own cream

Quadra ICAN Virtual Free Store Facebook page
• Over 1140 members redistributing used goods for free

• Tool Repair Cafés (3)
• Quadra Island Library of Things aka QuILT – free tool lending library in Heriot Bay
• Maker space — proposal being negotiated

• Arbutus Pathway Project
• Ride-share survey
• Support for Cortes Community Economic Development Association’s Passenger Transportation Solutions project

Our Board of Directors

President – Mary McIntosh
Vice President – Position Vacant
Treasurer – Ken Mooyman
Secretary – Position Vacant
Director-at-large – Lorraine Holden
Director-at-large – Tim Lavoie
Director-at-large – Leona Skovgaard
Acting Director-at-large – Maris Currie
Acting Director- at large – Aaron Quesnel