Do It Yourself


The DIY Action Team is a group of hands-on learners and passionate makers. We aim to facilitate individual and community empowerment, intergenerational exchange, and a generous culture of learning, accountability and safety.

The first project of the DIY Action Team is the Quadra Island Library of Things and Community Workshop (the QUILT). Like books in a library, the QUILT houses tools and other resources that can be borrowed, referenced, or used on site. It is now housed in the former tourist information centre in Quathiaski Cove. We will also be putting together a skills registry of islanders who are willing to volunteer knowledge and expertise. We’ve begun with a community survey to ascertain the needs and interests of the community.

The team has also hosted two very successful garden tool repair cafés.

In the future, the DIY Action Team envisions a large facility for sharing tools, materials, and skills. It will include making and learning spaces for both individual and community-wide projects. Discussion is now underway regarding a site for the maker space.

Have an idea for us? Want to help out with one of the projects underway? We would greatly welcome your involvement! Please email and we’ll be in touch.