Energy Self-Sufficiency

Cord of wood

The Energy Self-Sufficiency team has two main goals. We’re concerned to find ways in which island households can reduce their energy consumption; and we also hope to support transitions to sustainable, environmentally friendly, zero-emissions sources of electricity where possible.

We developed a proposal, submitted to the provincial government in 2020, to revivify a tidal energy project at Canoe Pass, a channel between Maud Island and Quadra Island just east of Seymour Narrows. The proposal hinged on government’s willingness to allow a non-profit island energy co-op to participate in BC Hydro’s net metering program. But despite being showcased as a Resilient BC Top 30 project by Dogwood Alliance, Minister Bruce Ralston’s department turned us down.

Our project to install a demonstration solar energy project on Quadra Elementary, however, has met with huge success. The community stepped forward in a big way to support our fundraising campaign, and the array became operational in the spring of 2022. You can access the online monitor through our website by going to ICAN Updates, and clicking on “Access to Monitor for 14-Panel Solar Array on Quadra Elementary School”.

We have also published information in local media about heating water directly using solar panels and about programs that provide financial assistance to householders for energy-saving retrofits.

Looking to the future, we hope to support the development of micro-solar, micro-hydro, and micro-wind projects on the island, through initiatives like bulk purchases of materials and community workshops.

Have an idea for us? Want to help out with one of the projects underway? We would greatly welcome your involvement! Please email and we’ll be in touch.