Grow Together Cooperative Garden

Grow Together is a cooperative garden project that was established on the south end of Quadra during the summer of 2023. The garden is part of the ICAN Quadra Food Security Team and is funded by United Way through the Strathcona Food Hub. The goal of the project is to encourage resiliency by working and learning together to produce food on Quadra.

A small group of gardeners began working together in June 2023. That year the garden produced an impressive amount of beans, kale, onions, potatoes, mustard greens, beets, lettuce, and brussels sprouts. There is a lot of perennial kale and there are fruit trees and berries on the property.

Currently there are approximately 8 gardeners.  More gardeners are welcome and needed to manage the expanded garden and to allow for absences. Everyone who contributes labour to the cooperative garden will have a share in the produce. There is an expectation that gardeners will contribute an average of 2 hours of work per week. The Grow Together group may decide to share some produce with the Food Bank or with the ICAN Food Recovery Project.

The garden is on private property and has been farmed off and on for many years. It is at the south end of Quadra and has very fertile soil. The owner is part of Grow Together but at this point the commitment between the owner and ICAN is on a year-to-year basis. The exact location is provided to participants by arrangement in order to avoid drive-by visits. The owner has a dog that is becoming more adjusted to strangers so we are requested to attend the garden on a scheduled basis only.

Funding has enabled the group to hire a coordinator and to make some improvements for water storage, irrigation, soil amendments and very limited tilling to restore growing beds. Total funding for 2024 is $10,000.

Beginning February 4, 2024, meetings will be twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays from 2pm to 4pm.  Meeting times will change depending on the season and group consensus.  

Anybody who is interested in participating in the garden should contact the Grow Together Coordinator, Mike Gladish at