● Quadra ICAN has a Facebook page here.

Quadra Island Food Guide: Find local produce or list produce you have to sell. To list yourself or your business, contact the Food Guide here.

Squash the Curve: A project of the Food Security team  is on Facebook here.

The QUILT survey: A project of the DIY team  has its own webpage here.

● The Virtual Free Store is on Facebook here.

QICAN Constitution

QICAN Bylaws

● ICAN in the media:

Discovery Islander back issues in pdf format, including:
№ 729 (May 2020: solar panel information, p. 8).
№ 730 (May 2020: Food Guide, p. 3; the QUILT, p. 7; Squash the Curve, p. 11).
№ 733 (July 2020: energy retrofits and rebates, p. 2)
№ 742 (November 2020: hot water from the sun, p. 8-10)