Food Security

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The Garden Club/ICAN Food Security Team is a collaboration between the Quadra Island Garden Club and Quadra Island Climate Action Network. This team is committed to increasing both the amount of food grown on Quadra Island, and islanders’ access to locally grown food. We also promote sustainable food-growing techniques.
In May 2021, 245 locals responded to our Grow Local Food Survey, the results of which continue to inform our work.  Find a summary of the Survey Results HERE.
Our current projects include:
  • Running the hands-on LEARN Food Security workshop series (find out about upcoming workshops HERE or check out the footage from some of our past workshops in our video library HERE)
  • Selling microgreen seeds and kits 
  • Cataloguing and promoting local growers through the Quadra Food Guide (find it HERE)
  • Starting a Garden Share program (find it HERE)
  • Developing a Composting project
  • Developing a Nut Tree project
  • Investigating a Food Recovery program
  • Helping with the School Garden

For information on our latest events, please go to the ICAN Updates page HERE.

Our past projects include:

  • Squash the Curve, an initiative that turned unused lawn and garden space into squash beds.  Find out more HERE
Future Projects?

We have lots on the go right now, but we are not short on ideas!  Among the ideas we’re hoping to pursue in the future are a mobile abattoir on Quadra, a food storage facility that would allow us to buy staples in bulk for later distribution, a seed bank and seed exchange system, and a large local greenhouse. We’re also looking for input from farmers and producers about the kind of support that would be useful to them. We hope eventually to be able to support co-operative farming here on Quadra and to provide a facility where people can learn how to grow food both sustainably and efficiently.


Have an idea for us? Want to help?
We would greatly welcome your involvement! Please send us a message and we’ll be in touch.


For more information on the Quadra Island Garden Club and their monthly speakers, plant sale, and other activities, visit their website HERE and their Facebook Group HERE.

If you’d like to be listed as a grower in the Quadra Food Guide, please contact us HERE

You might also be interested in:

  • The new Quadra Island Seed Library.  Find it at the Quadra Island Public Library.
  • The Quadra Island Seedy Saturday Seed Exchange.  Find out more HERE
  • The new Quadra Island cookbook called A Taste of Life on Quadra Island which is full of delicious recipes from islanders, using local ingredients.  It was published at the end of 2021 as a fundraiser for the Quadra Island Children’s Centre.  Learn more about it and buy it online HERE or find it at these locations.
  • The Quadra Community Garden.  For info contact Jan – 285-2588.
  • The Quadra Island Food Share Facebook Group.  This group links those who have grown more food than they can use themselves with people who can make use of that excess food. This is a group for “growers and pickers, eaters and sharers.”  Visit it HERE.
  • The Quadra Island Farmers Market and Bazaar.  Find it on Facebook HERE.