Recent transportation studies have shown that limited passenger transportation options on Quadra and Cortes Islands are an issue that both communities would like addressed.

In response, the Cortes Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA) has launched a Community Consultation on Passenger Transportation Solutions, with funding from the Island Coastal Economic Trust. This consultation will be led by members of both communities, and will seek input from residents of and visitors to Cortes, Quadra, and the Outer Islands. Partners include the Cortes Island Community Foundation and the Quadra Island Climate Action Network (ICAN).

The hope is that this effort will finally make passenger transportation a reality on these islands.


LEARNING FORUM: What is happening on other islands? Guest speakers will share their experiences at the online Transportation Learning Forum, taking place on Tuesday, May 21st, 7-9pm via Zoom.  Click HERE to join.

SURVEY: What are the transportation needs and potential solutions? A survey launching on May 13th will gather this information. Click HERE to complete the survey.

IN PERSON MEETING: What solutions might work best on Quadra and Cortes Islands? This will be explored at community meetings open to residents and visitors alike, happening on June 1st, 1-3pm at the Quadra Legion, June 2nd 1-3pm at Mansons Hall on Cortes, or June 6th, 7-9pm via Zoom. Click HERE to join the Zoom.

Some solutions that have already been suggested include: a community bus, ride hailing, taxi, and ridesharing/carpooling. No doubt other solutions exist as well. Prime considerations are reliability, convenience and frequency, as well as affordability and equity which are key to the success of any transportation endeavour.

For more information on previous studies, possible solutions, what other communities are doing, and how to get involved (including the Zoom links) go to