We received charitable status in 2022, and this has allowed our revenues to increase. We are also moving out of the many restrictions imposed by covid protocols, and this is allowing us to expand our horizons. In addition, severe effects of climate change are already upon us, and we are feeling the heat. We need to intensify our efforts to assist the Quadra community in becoming more resilient and self-sufficient in the face of ecological challenges.

On September 17, 2023 ICAN held a public session at the Community Centre and attendees were asked What are the challenges that Quadra is facing, or going to face in the future, related to building self-sufficiency and resiliency in the face of climate change?

A number of themes emerged:

Community Demographics and Connections-settlers expressed a strong wish to connect effectively and cohesively with the Indigenous peoples of Quadra; active adults also hope to form a connected community with young people and seniors. How can we share community education and skills and manage health and well-being?

Water- how can we ensure we have sufficient water and are prepared for an emergency?

Lands and forests – how can we care for our natural environment? how does conservation relate to industry? how should we deal with waste management?

Food Security– how can we ensure we have sufficient food and are prepared for an emergency if supply chain breaks down.

Transportation– how can we make Quadra Island less reliant on vehicle traffic? Public transit ideas?

Communication-how can we communicate the pressing issues of climate change?

Emergency/Fire preparedness and/or Disaster Preparedness-how to ensure the ability of individuals and households to survive a prolonged power outage, including water, power, food energy, health needs and waste management.

Sustainable energy-what can Quadra Island do to become more energy efficient?

(Please note that owing to CRA restrictions, “Housing” cannot be part of ICAN’s mandate.)

At the public meeting in September when these themes were identified, it was difficult for participants to address just the issues and not jump directly to the solutions. That is next! Early in the new year ICAN is planning another public session to brainstorm solutions to the challenges that were identified. Date and time will be announced on our Facebook page, local media and on our webpage.

Do you have an idea for a project? Want to know more? Interested in volunteering? Want to donate?

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