Quadra Island Library of Things aka QuILT

Quadra Island Library of Things (QuILT) is comprised of two parts: a Food Preservation Equipment Library and a Tool Lending Library

Living on an island, we can all the see the value of being more self-sufficient and capable of providing our own food. However, buying, storing, and maintaining the tools and equipment which will allow us to do that can be challenging.

The Quadra Island Library of Things (QuILT) is a way to ensure that everyone has access to the tools and equipment they need, sharing resources in a more efficient way, and reducing the number of trips off-island.

The Library, which includes Food Preservation Equipment and other tools, is housed at 660 Heriot Road (not Heriot Bay Road!) beside the Cortes ferry line, and is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset. Any resident of Quadra or Cortes can borrow items for free, although donations to help defray the cost of insurance, repairs, and administering the Library are gratefully received. Donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt.

Items currently available to borrow from the Food Preservation Equipment Library:

  • 2 large coolers
  • 1 large “All-American” pressure canner
  • 1 stainless steel 3-tier steam juicer
  • 1 food processor
  • 1 immersion blender
  • 1 cherry pitter
  • 4 dehydrators of varying sizes
  • 2 electronic timers (for dehydrators)
  • 2 apple peeler/corers
  • 1 soft fruit masticator
  • 1 double-burner propane stove with
  • propane tank
  • 1 jam sieve
  • 1 ricer
  • 1 large fruit press
  • 1 electric smoker
  • Several water bath canners of various sizes
  • 2 vacuum sealers with bags of various sizes

Available at cost:

  • 4 boxes fermentation lids
  • Reusable canning lids
  • Various size canning jars with lids

Available by donation:

  • Various sizes used canning jars

Other Tools Currently available from the Library of Things: (RB) indicates donated by Ramona Boyle and available while the QUILT is located on her property.

  • Steam carpet cleaner
  • 2 small folding tables (white plastic)
  • 1 large wooden folding table
  • Rolling magnet to pick up nails and screws from your gravel driveway or lawn (RB)
  • Pole pruning hook (RB)
  • 20’ Extension ladder (RB)
  • Wheelbarrow (RB)
  • Furniture dolly (RB)
  • Various shovels
  • Various rakes
  • Sawhorse clamps
  • 2 Folding metal sawhorses (RB)
  • Bolt cutter (RB)

How It Works

If there is an item you wish to borrow, simply call Ramona at 250 285 3440 or email ramonaboyle@gmail.com to reserve and arrange a convenient pick up time.

When you collect the item, you will be asked to sign a simple borrowing agreement to return the item by an agreed upon date, in clean, working condition.

You may keep the item as long as you like but if someone else needs it before your agreed upon return date, you may get a call asking if you are able to return it so the other borrower may have access.

To Donate Things for the Library

If you have items which you would like to donate to the Quadra Island Library of Things we will happily receive tools and equipment which are in good working order.

To arrange a donation, please contact Ramona at 250-285-3440 or email ramonaboyle@gmail.com.