A couple of new additions have been made to the ICAN web site, hopefully making it even easier for people to get involved.

A web-based discussion forum is now online, at https://www.quadraican.ca/forum/. The intent is for the forum to be useful for general ICAN discussions, as well as specific sections for each of the Action Teams. There is no cost or other restrictions, just follow the link above, and register to create an account for yourself. Once you have done so, please go to the introductions thread at https://www.quadraican.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3#p3, and introduce yourself! The thought is that the forum is open to ICAN members (or potential members) and as open as possible, for useful, constructive discussions, relevant to the ICAN focus areas. If you have suggestions for new forum sections, please let us know.

An events calendar has also been added to the site, at https://www.quadraican.ca/events/. If your team has an upcoming event, please let me know the details. Venue, organizer, date & time, and a relevant picture would be a great start. Once people get comfortable with it, we can add designated people to create events for their team.