Quadra ICAN is delighted to report that it has been approved as an environmental nonprofit eligible to receive donations through the 1% For The Planet program. Many thanks to Breanne Quesnel of Spirit of the West for recommending us to the program. Spirit of the West is already a member.

1% For The Planet is a global organization that assists businesses and individuals who wish to direct some part of their profits toward environmental initiatives. Business members who join the network commit to donating the equivalent of 1% of their gross sales to approved environmental nonprofits. Their support can be monetary, or material, through in-kind donations, or they can help promote a nonprofit. Individuals who join commit to giving 1% of their annual salary. The organization advises donating members on giving strategies and it certifies their donations by reviewing and confirming sales and donations on an annual basis. 1% for the Planet provides advice to its business and individual members on which of the approved nonprofits will be the best match for their own values and brand. Business members support their nonprofit partner or partners directly without an intermediary, while individuals receive assistance from the program in making the necessary connections.

Business and individual members of 1% For The Planet have, to date, provided over $350 million in support to environmental nonprofit endeavours.

Logo for "1% For the Planet" organization