How It Works

The idea of a garden-share might seem a little confusing. You might be wondering how you will be matched with another participant or when you will decide what to grow. This page will hopefully answer all of those questions.

Sign up

Timeframe: Now until April 26, 2022 (meeting the deadline is encouraged but late applications will still be considered)

You can sign up as either a Gardener (wanting independent garden space or to help someone with their garden) or a Land Host (with space to share or needing help in a garden) by going to the Sign Up page and filling out an online application form.

The Match

Timeframe: April 27-30, 2022 (and as needed if new applications come in)

The program coordinators will look at all of the applications and try to match Gardeners to Land Hosts. If we find a match for you, we will email you the application of the person you are matched with. If we do not find a match, don’t despair! We will keep trying as new applications come in and we will keep you posted. We make no promises or guarantees but we will do our best to match people up.

The Trial Period

Timeframe: You Decide (suggested: 2 weeks)

After you receive the application of the person you are matched with, it is up to you to contact them and get to know them. Think of this as a ‘trial period,’ a chance to figure out if you work well together.  How you do this is up to you (a phone call, a Zoom meeting, a day of gardening together, etc). If you decide that you would like to be re-matched, please Contact Us as soon as possible. We will try our best to pair you with a different participant. 

The Agreement

Timeframe: When you are ready to make a commitment to your match (suggested: by May Long Weekend).

Once you have met your match and decided that you want to work together, we strongly suggest that you do the following:

Draft a written agreement that stipulates the terms and conditions of your partnership, sign it, and each keep a copy.

You can revise the agreement at any point throughout the growing season. Being gardeners ourselves, we know that things don’t always go according to plan. Conditions change and being able to adapt is crucial. But it is very helpful to have something written down that you can refer back to and revise as needed.