The Quadra Island Climate Action Network (ICAN) will host a Community Engagement Session at the Quadra Community Centre on Sunday, February 11th, 11am – 3pm. This is an opportunity for community members to come together to brainstorm solutions and plan next steps in the ongoing work of helping Quadra Island become more resilient and self-sufficient in the face of ecological challenges.

In September 2023, ICAN hosted a Community Consultation that focused on the challenges ahead. Community members worked in small groups to answer the question, “What are the challenges that Quadra is going to face in the future, or is facing now, related to building self-sufficiency and resiliency in the face of climate change?” A number of themes emerged from that meeting, including community demographics and connections, water, lands and forests, food security, transportation, communication, emergency/fire preparedness and/or disaster preparedness, and sustainable energy. At that time, participants voiced the need for a follow-up session to focus on solutions and next steps.

At the meeting on February 11th, community members will be given the opportunity to work in small groups on the themes that emerged at the September meeting and/or new topics they suggest. It will be a chance to develop ideas for new projects as well as to discuss current projects and how they might evolve or scale up. It will also be a chance to think strategically as a community about what is needed now to prepare for the future when it comes to minimizing the negative impact of climate change.

Lunch will be provided at the event. Childcare is available upon request.

To register and request childcare, click on the link below or email